At Beyond The Clouds Solutions we recognise most people running small companies would rather spend time building their business and earning money, not dealing with compliance and legislation.


SonicWall UTM Firewalls for Home and Small Office

Unified Threat Management devices from SonicWall come with a number of in-built protection capabilities exceeding those embedded in many standard routers, so they substantially improve your overall security posture. The products in the offer package support wireless and most come with Advanced Gateway Security Service bundled in for a year. SonicWall firewalls give:
  • Industry leading Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection (RFDPI)
  • Cloud-based multi-engine sandboxing for zero-day threats
  • Gateway anti-malware, IPS, web filtering and more
  • Integrated SSL VPN for secure remote access
  • SSL, TLS and SSH decryption and inspection


We’ve already noted you’d rather spend time working on your core business. Our C.U.S.P. product is designed to let you do just that by giving you one point of contact with knowledge and direction on today’s complex business challenges along with a range of products and services to complement and meet the specific needs of your organisation.


C.U.S.P. is a unique, credit based system combining a range of cloud based products and professional services. It provides compliance, security and business efficiency to small and medium sized companies throughout the UK. Your C.U.S.P. membership offer from Beyond The Clouds Solutions gives 30 credits to spend as you choose between:
  • 12 months exclusive access to educational cyber security and compliance materials including bite size Vlogs
  • Managed Kaspersky Cloud anti-malware for a mobile device
  • Phone and email support desk answering overview compliance questions around GDPR, MTDfB and linked issues

Combining the offers on this page with C.U.S.P. gives you a tick box route to standard Cyber Essentials certification by giving help and advice on secure configuration and access control.