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The links below are a mix of questions, from both ourselves and our customers, that have been asked of Google during our research of the challenges this web site highlights and aims to help you solve. They cover a number of inter-linked areas, and use the most common phrases we’ve seen and heard around the topics raised since we started our journey in 2014. Some are very specific (for instance the TalkTalk hack), some more general. We hope that you find what you’re looking for in the results pages, and please remember that anything with an AD symbol (  ) is a Google advert paid for by the company it links to.

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FREE Cyber Security
Who does GDPR apply to
Who does Making Tax Digital apply to
What is Cyber Essentials
What is Making Tax Digital
How secure is a cloud system
FREE anti-virus software
FREE anti-virus software that is Cyber Essentials verified
What protection do I get from a TalkTalk router
Is a TalkTalk router adequate for Cyber Essentials
Will cyber Essentials make me GDPR compliant
Is Cyber Essentials a certificate of compliance for GDPR