About Us

We're here to help you work with changes in the way business is being done.

Established as a pure Cloud business, we set out to become an invaluable resource to UK companies wanting to understand Digital Britain, its impact on them and how Cloud Computing could deliver significant commercial advantage. Our founders made our primary goal one of support, education and empowerment.

The limited product portfolio we offer consists of diligently researched, capable and value based resources aimed at driving the greatest benefit from this evolutionary next step in the history of computing. Delivered from honest, transparent companies that really understand the potential of the technology, innovation comes in many ways which should include pricing and sales models, all designed to help you gain.

We have invested a lot of time making sure the partners we’ve chosen are companies that match this expectation, involving various trips to the US to meet with and work with the leaders of Acumatica and Amazon. Our investment was made to ensure the advice you receive comes from first-hand experience. After all, true cloud computing is more than just an accounts package or a webmail system replacement, so the investment we’ll ask you to make needs to be right first time.

Graham Martin - Installation & System Design Engineer

I started working with computers at school, and I've still got my first programme on ticker tape! I've seen, and been an active part of, the 4 evolutionary steps in computing from the days of mainframes through the birth of Personal Computing to the present day. Now I'm part of the next fundamental wave of change - a change I'm really excited about and which I believe will finally realise the full potential of this amazing technology for the benefit of all mankind. It takes you one small step to talk to us, and shortcut a lifetime of learning and delivering solutions to real businesses across the globe involving the full spectrum of vocational endeavour. I've really enjoyed those last few decades and I look forward to the next.  

Tip for Life:

Change - it happens whether we want it to or not, and an inability to adapt your behaviour can end in pain. I mean, whoever decided to replace the sturdy, solid wood rails and posts used to fence off roadworks with plastic equivalents probably saved councils fortunes. Although highly amusing to onlookers and passers-by, I can assure you from personal experience that side-vaulting over them as a shortcut no longer works ... think confident leap leaving one parallel to the ground followed by sudden collapse and grit in the palms !